30 Days – Intro to Bible Reading with Notes


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The Bible is the most powerful book that has ever been written.  Where do I start?  The Bible has been described as a manual for life and a love-letter from God himself.  Not only is it rich in wisdom, history, poetry and prophecy, it also warms our hearts and feeds our souls.  But how do we even begin to read it?  Whether you’ve been a Christian for years, but find reading Scripture a struggle, or you’re exploring faith for the first time, 30 Days will help you start reading the Bible in an easy and accessible way.  Alpha pioneer Nicky Gumbel has carefully selected thirty short Bible passages to encourage and inspire you in your faith, pairing each one with a brief reflection on what difference it makes to us today, followed by a prayer.  This book is ideal for those who are new to the Christian faith.  By the end of 30 Days – after speaking to God in prayer and allowing him to speak to you through his word – you will not only develop a deeper relationship with him, but also cultivate a lifetime habit of Bible reading.

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